Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Beast Are Back (Dogmen Return to Bigfoot Research Area)

In early February of this year (2014) while doing Bigfoot research I ran into a Squirrel Hunter that told me he found a rare "bear footprint". The are where he found the print was the same area I had both my Dogman sightings in previous years. I found the so called "bear track" and sure enough my fears were confirmed, they are back!

Below is the 3 toe print I found February 1st

A couple weeks later in the same general area I find more 3 toe Dogman tracks. On February 16th below is one of the better tracks I found.

The track is approximately eight inches long and four inches wide. Note it only has three toes and an elongated foot pad. This is much longer than a wolf or dog, not to mention canines have four toes.

Below is the print is outlined.

It is clear they are back, or at least one of them is back. He is in the same area where I had the two encounters in previous years. The question now is will I see them again? Last time they got up close and personal with me. Both times within feet. The second encounter I made eye contact with one and it was not a pleasant experience.

I continue to go armed as small game season is still open. Will I encounter them? Only time will tell, I have found no unusual predation of deer or other animals but only time will tell. I will keep you informed of there activity as the Spring progresses.

Above is a comparison of the two three toed prints found two weeks apart.