Monday, October 14, 2013

Witness Describes Dogman Encounter - Looks Similar to my Dogman Encounter

This gentlemen makes an excellent report. Please notice when describing the snout and nose he comments it was flat on the end. The Dogman I captured on video had a similar nose. This now makes the second independent collaboration of my video from eye witnesses.

Shelley Rockwell-Martin commented: "Wow! I just watched Scott's encounter again........that's the closest to what we saw that I've seen yet....all but ear placement on the head."

Below is a still capture from the video showing the nose of the Dogman.

 Below is a sketch of what the Dogman may look like based on components of still captures from my video.

Below is the interview from Dave the eye witness:

Friday, September 20, 2013

The "Haymarsh Dogman" Photograph

Back in 1961 a night watchman in Big Rapids, Michigan snapped this photograph of a supposed Dogman at 3:00 am in the morning. The picture has never been explained and it looks very interesting. The only thing about the picture that makes me wonder is a board of some sort under the feet. If you look carefully you and see the board on top of the grass. Is this a manikin or stage prop or the real deal?

Is this a board supporting a stage prop/manikin?
 Close Up of the "Creature"

Blow Up


The possible facial features???

Click here to read the full article from

Thanks goes out to Anna M K Larsson  for bringing this to our attention.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dogman Sketches Based on Shelley Rockewell-Martin Descriptions

On September 18th, 2013 Shelley Rockwell-Martin watched my video "Dogman Monsters Are Real". After viewing the video she made the following comments:

  • Shelley Rockwell-Martin Wow! I just watched Scott's encounter again........that's the closest to what we saw that I've seen yet....all but ear placement on the head.

  • Shelley Rockwell-Martin Ears ran up the sides of the head, like cupping your own ears, and went beyond top of head, on sides, 3 to 4 inches higher than top of head. I will never, ever forget, unfortunately.

Based off her description of the ears I modified the previous sketches I had drawn based on the creature in my videos to match her description. I will share these will Ms. Martin and see what she thinks of the accuracy or hopefully she will tell me where I need to make changes.

This first photo is an actual still capture from the video Dogman Monsters Are Real  and a sketch I made from the still capture:

The following sketches are based on Ms. Martin's description of the ears being on the side of the head.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shelley Rockwell-Martin Collaborates My Encounter with the Dogman

Sketch Based on Actual Still Capture
Shelley Rockwell-Martin and her family were featured in Linda Godfrey's Book "Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America"  and the recently on an episode of Paranormal Witness. Her family had a harrowing experience with a group of large Dogmen like creatures that terrorized her family. In a recent blog post that featured my Blog and the video The Dogman Monsters Are Real Ms. Martin said the following:

Wow! I just watched Scott's encounter again........that's the closest to what we saw that I've seen yet....all but ear placement on the head.

Remember her encounters happen in Maine and mine in Tennessee. I appreciate Shelley taking the time to watch my video and giving feed back on the creature.

Below is the conversation from the FaceBook Group - Dogman Mystery

  • Shelley Rockwell-Martin Robert, someone asked how tall, approximately they are.....the answer is seven feet. We were able to correctly measure the height when one was hiding around the corner of the barn/garage and when "it" stepped forward, it triggered the motion sensor floodlight and it stood literally right next to the ten foot high roll-up door; before it ran to the others.
  • Robert F Shaw Thanks also for this info,as this is even more appreciated!!
    This would also correlate with Scott's estimates on size,,as in exactly!!
    Have you seen Scott's video footage of the dogmen he encountered? All his encounters were extremely close proxim
    ity,and the one approached him from behind,and got within a few feet of him and he was never aware of it,and would've had no idea about its presence,if it wasn't for his video cam attached to this backpack filming behind him.
  • Shelley Rockwell-Martin Wow! I just watched Scott's encounter again........that's the closest to what we saw that I've seen yet....all but ear placement on the head.
  • Shelley Rockwell-Martin Ears ran up the sides of the head, like cupping your own ears, and went beyond top of head, on sides, 3 to 4 inches higher than top of head. I will never, ever forget, unfortunately.
  • Robert F Shaw Wow! I read about you and your family's terrifying encounter in Linda Godfrey's beyond outstanding book " Real Wolfmen". Out of all the drawings and sketches within,the one Linda drew,regarding the witness seeing a dogman on the side of the road clutching roadkill in its paws,and you and your husbands drawings of the creatures both stuck with me the most. And,as the facial features resemble many documented encounters,ESP what Linda has documented so thoroughly.
    I wanted to also say Thank You to you,and your family,for reporting this unnerving and truly scary encounter. If more people would make that leap,and have the courage,as you and your family obviously has,to report their encounters and sightings as soon as possible,we would definitely have a better grasp of the situation at hand. We are extremely lucky,as anyone can honestly see right away,in having SO many outstanding,dedicated,and extremely knowledgable folks that have decided to investigate this Erie phenomenon,and try whole heartedly to provide answers,and most importantly a little bit of comfort,in knowing there is other reports of these beings.
    Here are the actual still captures from the video:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cynocephalus - The Dog-Headed Men

Most people have heard of werewolves, but few know of the ancient race of dog-headed men, better known as the Cynocephali. A Cynocephalus was essentially a man with the head of a dog. They could understand language but had no ability to speak. Though they are sometimes depicted in artwork as being civilized, they were by all reports savage beasts who lived to hunt and to kill.
While this may sound like just another mythical creature, there are very good reasons to believe that the Cynocephali may have actually existed. Above all of them, these dog-headed men were described in reports by famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo!

Click here to read the rest of the story from Gods and Monsters

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wolf Pack - Shelley Rockwell-Martin Seperates Fact From Fiction

One Wednesday the SyFy show Paranormal Witness aired "Wolf Pack". It was about the experience of the Martin family that Linda Godfrey featured in her book "Real Wolfmen". The show of course took creative license in telling the story. Shelley Martin took the time to explain what the show embellished or did not portray correctly

Shelley Martin posted the following in the FaceBook Group -  Dogman Mystery

thank you, everyone, for allowing me to join your page! Linda Godfrey and I spoke after the show and right now she is at a cryptology convention but when she returns or has time, I would like to post what was embellished and what wasn't......some of the ways they embellished just seemed off-the-wall to Eric and I and muddied the actual, real event of seeing these "beasts"...that's unfortunate because those who just don't consider or believe, will justify their thoughts and what they consider accurate. I no longer judge anyone's ordeal/event after going through this ordeal......I've learned that just because I might not have experienced something, or can't scientifically figure something out, does not mean it isn't so. It's a vast planet as well as vast galaxy out there and anything is possible.
  • Shelley Rockwell-Martin @ JC.....that's such a good point, but I wish I would have known. The producer, Mark lewis if you want to google him, is a fantastic guy, brought his whole crew from London...RAW TV/Productions, and about two months before the airing he asked if they had permission to put the dream in.....reason being, although we truly never slept.....who the heck could or would, when I sat down on the bed and leaned back, I started thinking how easy it would be for them to just tap the glass and grab either Eric or I because our king sized bed was in the middle of two windows on either side....across the room there were two windows, too. They were right outside the bedroom wall and their noises were guttural and sounded as though they had a form of communication....if you go to the post interview on their site, which was done two weeks before the show, I say things completely different than they showed.....such as the "beasts" didn't bang or hit the house and so on. I did, however, learn a few things, not those ridiculous things they made up, but other things Eric did I had no idea he had done until I heard his interview! They were here from London for a full week and we each had at least one day of interviewing with their crew and some of us more than that. but one thing Mark asked me was, "How did you feel when Eric went outside the second time?" I matter of factually stated, "He didn't do that." Then they showed me his interview and I literally cried. My poor friend Linda Godfrey, she called me right up when she saw the sneak peak because some of her other friends and fans were mentioning her book didn't discuss what they were showing! Little did we know that when the show came out there would be so many embellishments. Which, diminishes the fact that these "beasts" and the whole ordeal can happen....people are not dumb and some things that they did, just didn't add up! Linda, on the other hand, sent her transcript to me and made me approve every single little detail before hand......she treated it respectfully and scientifically and knew her stuff! I heard her as a guest one night on Coast to Coast and the rest is history! Some people blame Eric and I because of the way paranormal put the order of events and embellished. But if you really listen to what Eric and I say, we never mention knives, werewolves, banging, that they were five feet from Eric's face...and where the heck was the farm pond?! That was an important piece of the event and where they hung out! Oh well, Please get Linda Godfrey's latest book to read the story and see our sketches that look as though as third grader drew them and that might be giving them more credit than they deserve! LOL But she did it that way so there would be no prompting and then after we had sent them to her, she shared other from others, all around the world, that went through similar events and ours were either similar or exactly the same.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Possible Dogman Photograph

The following photograph was taken by Jimmy Hayes. Is it a Dogman?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Legend of "The Long Dog"

Shared by: Mark Hamblen/David Jannick.

The common threads of evidence in Kingsport about tales of a mysterious creature sworn to exist by Cherokee Indians and sworn to have been seen from time to time by most of the early white settlers living in the valley, up and down the Holston River along the River Road, now known as “Big Elm Road” near Sensabaugh Tunnel.

The creature was legendary even before the first white settlers moved into ...the area.

Cherokee Indians called the creature “Oolonga-Doglalla”, roughly translated as “spirit with knife teeth” and knew it as a ghostly, spirit-like creature that is both part Human and part Dog that roamed the North Fork of the Holston River valley at night, moaning and bellowing and sometimes killing solitary natives at random. Over time, the name was corrupted by the early white settlers into “The Long Dog”, mainly because they couldn’t pronounce Oolnga-Doglalla.

The name “Long Dog” was fitting, in the minds of the white people, because of the common description of the creature by those who had seen it but escaped attack.

The creature was said to lope when it ran, much like a wolverine moves. That is to say, it’s leaping movement brought its hind legs up under its front legs and its back arched at each stride, not unlike the movement of an inchworm. The creature moved this way at slow movement or on the run. The scariest, most terrifying sight was to see the creature moving along in its hideous lope, off to the side, parallel to your path but gaining on you even as you stepped faster and faster to get home before it caught you.

Also, the creature was quite long; some say as long as five or six feet long, fully outstretched. So that seemed to fit the corrupted Cherokee name. It had perhaps the length of a large, stout panther, but did not look like a panther and with a much shorter tail. This creature was said to have yellowish-red, glowing eyes that were clearly fiery looking, glowing in the night. Its breath, and it’s difficult to know how someone smelled its breath and survived, was said to have the acrid smell of burning sulfur. Its hair was not sleek and shiny like a panther; rather it was matted and oily. Tracks found along the riverbank showed great, long, sharp claws.

Yet, even though signs and evidence ascribed to the creature were like those of a living beast, it was known to appear and disappear; to take the form of the “Long Dog” sometimes and yet sometimes transform into a spirit-like, ghostly shape; like that of a “living dead zombie”, or vice versa, for lack of a better description.

Kingsport's Cherokee Dog-Man Spirit That the Cherokee Indians Believed dwell near the North Fork of the Holston River near Sensabaugh Tunnel..................isn't it interesting that centuries after the Cherokee left this region, that our culture also believes that same Sensabaugh Tunnel area to be haunted.Two different cultures in two different centuries, and yet both believe that same area to be haunted. ....ask yourself, what are the odds of that

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dogman or Long Snouted Bigfoot

This is some of the best footage I have of the Dogman. In the back trail caputre you can see the head, head, eye, mouth movement, and a large portion of the body through the foliage. The opinions on what this is run 75% Dogman and 25% Bigfoot. IMHO it is a short snouted Dogman. Take a look at the collage of still shots from the video and decide for yourself.

Below is a close up of its head pressing into the foliage.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Best of Dogman - My Most Popular Post

This is still the most viewed post on any subject Bigfoot or Dogman.

I left everyone hanging with a teaser about the cryptids that moved into my research area last year. I will “let the cat or better dog out of the bag” and tell my story.

Still Capture of the Dogman on 05/22/2011 (This is not from the HD footage)
It all started on March 27, 2011. I was in the public research area doing my thing. I had visited the stick shelter and worked my way to the island crossing. I was looking across to the island and filming. I also had the “back trail” camera on my shoulder filming behind me. Unknown to me at the time a dark figure was standing in the vegetation beside the thick and overgrown trail. The figure was dark brown-black and approximately six feet tall. I did not know this “thing” was behind me until I reviewed my back trail footage the week after my research visit.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Dogman - What is it?

The creature known as a Dogman is approximately five to seven feet tall weighing between two hundred and four hundred pounds.   They have the head that resembles a large dog or a wolf with canine ears and a canine-like snout. Some Dogmen have been reported having snouts that are shorter in appearance and flat on the end. Other reports describe a longer snout that appears more canine.

The Dogman is bipedal, walking or running on their “hind legs.” They possess a “human-like” torso and arms. They have “claws” for hands. Witnesses have reported seeing the Dogman holding and eating small game clutched in their front “claws.”