Friday, August 9, 2013

Wolf Pack - Shelley Rockwell-Martin Seperates Fact From Fiction

One Wednesday the SyFy show Paranormal Witness aired "Wolf Pack". It was about the experience of the Martin family that Linda Godfrey featured in her book "Real Wolfmen". The show of course took creative license in telling the story. Shelley Martin took the time to explain what the show embellished or did not portray correctly

Shelley Martin posted the following in the FaceBook Group -  Dogman Mystery

thank you, everyone, for allowing me to join your page! Linda Godfrey and I spoke after the show and right now she is at a cryptology convention but when she returns or has time, I would like to post what was embellished and what wasn't......some of the ways they embellished just seemed off-the-wall to Eric and I and muddied the actual, real event of seeing these "beasts"...that's unfortunate because those who just don't consider or believe, will justify their thoughts and what they consider accurate. I no longer judge anyone's ordeal/event after going through this ordeal......I've learned that just because I might not have experienced something, or can't scientifically figure something out, does not mean it isn't so. It's a vast planet as well as vast galaxy out there and anything is possible.
  • Shelley Rockwell-Martin @ JC.....that's such a good point, but I wish I would have known. The producer, Mark lewis if you want to google him, is a fantastic guy, brought his whole crew from London...RAW TV/Productions, and about two months before the airing he asked if they had permission to put the dream in.....reason being, although we truly never slept.....who the heck could or would, when I sat down on the bed and leaned back, I started thinking how easy it would be for them to just tap the glass and grab either Eric or I because our king sized bed was in the middle of two windows on either side....across the room there were two windows, too. They were right outside the bedroom wall and their noises were guttural and sounded as though they had a form of communication....if you go to the post interview on their site, which was done two weeks before the show, I say things completely different than they showed.....such as the "beasts" didn't bang or hit the house and so on. I did, however, learn a few things, not those ridiculous things they made up, but other things Eric did I had no idea he had done until I heard his interview! They were here from London for a full week and we each had at least one day of interviewing with their crew and some of us more than that. but one thing Mark asked me was, "How did you feel when Eric went outside the second time?" I matter of factually stated, "He didn't do that." Then they showed me his interview and I literally cried. My poor friend Linda Godfrey, she called me right up when she saw the sneak peak because some of her other friends and fans were mentioning her book didn't discuss what they were showing! Little did we know that when the show came out there would be so many embellishments. Which, diminishes the fact that these "beasts" and the whole ordeal can happen....people are not dumb and some things that they did, just didn't add up! Linda, on the other hand, sent her transcript to me and made me approve every single little detail before hand......she treated it respectfully and scientifically and knew her stuff! I heard her as a guest one night on Coast to Coast and the rest is history! Some people blame Eric and I because of the way paranormal put the order of events and embellished. But if you really listen to what Eric and I say, we never mention knives, werewolves, banging, that they were five feet from Eric's face...and where the heck was the farm pond?! That was an important piece of the event and where they hung out! Oh well, Please get Linda Godfrey's latest book to read the story and see our sketches that look as though as third grader drew them and that might be giving them more credit than they deserve! LOL But she did it that way so there would be no prompting and then after we had sent them to her, she shared other from others, all around the world, that went through similar events and ours were either similar or exactly the same.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Scott. This is an unfortunate issue,I had been wondering about,and hoping,would not happen. But,as we see,it has.
    With the rise in popularity of "monster" shows,some folks that are into the business of entertainment and television,may have thoughts in the form of some encounters with various beings,entities,and creatures grouped together collectively as "monsters",are just not "spooky",or otherwise terrifying enough,considering all the manufactured monsters and such that Hollywood is known for. But in fact,researching many cases of encounters with these beings,and,again,Scott,you are definitely more aware of this than many,including myself,there is absolutely no need to manufacture,or even embellish a minute. These encounters are terrifying in the extreme as is. These events destroy lives of everyday people,that did not want,nor need an encounter with an unknown entity. But it happens. And I think because of a great amount of work,such as Linda Godfrey's,and your own,is staring to get noticed,and hopefully soon it will escalate, to get the much needed awareness,and attention it deserves.
    Thanks again my friend,for your hard work,and for staying the course for the truth.

  2. Thanks for posting. I went on line for more info about the "wolf pack" in the "Paranormal Witness" episode. How disappointing the producers don't stick to the facts. I wonder if any opinions have been changed about guns in the house.

  3. Oh, and I ordered Linda Godfrey's book on Kindle and have begun reading it.

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