Dogman Photographs and Sketches


  1. RRH "What big eyes you have."
    BBW "All the better to see you with."
    RRH "And, what big teeth you have."
    BBW "All the better to eat you with."

    I wonder if we can substitute "BBW" with "Dogman".


  2. I made a comment on a video you were in but it wasn't your channel. I've always seen entities and descend from the Shamanic line of my Native American tribe, as the elders tell me that is why I see these. I posted that when I was living in Mt. Shasta, one night we got stuck out in the woods on Black Butte and had to spend the night out in the open there. I saw some entities that I've never seen in my life there that night. In the trees there were these little entities and the way their faces looked made me think of how some native tribes like in Africa and other places put on these masks and do dances and stuff. But these weren't masks these were real beings and they just watched us all night. So I made that post on a Bigfoot video then I saw your Dogman video and that entity that I see on the Dogman looks like one of the beings I saw in the trees. Very weird!! I think that these tribes know what they look like, probably mostly from the Shaman and they dress up like them thinking they're some nature spirits or something. The two years I lived there I have never been more attacked in my life. I was zapped so much it ended up damaging nerves in my body. I know it's because those entities knew I could see them. So I Moved and then never saw them again and I don't get zapped anymore. That was about 10 years ago and my nervous system is starting heal from it but it was so much pain I was in a wheelchair for a little while from the peripheral neuropathy in my legs. I had the neuropathy all over my body, which is not normal and the Neurologist couldn't explain why I had it but the nerve damage was detected on conductivity tests. These creatures out in the forests are not good. I'm much happier and healthier away from it even though I still see the same-old entities I've seen all my life, but at least I know how to protect myself from those. So be careful and if you are spiritual that is good then you can invoke a lot of spiritual protection and shields, and it will even stop the emotions and thoughts they try to project into you too. Stay safe and thanks for the research you share with us!