Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Dogman Footage - New Technigues - New Details


  1. Great footage thank you so much for sharing this ❤️

  2. Hello Scott,

    Why are aren't you scared? If this is in fact a dogman, I would think it would have attacked you. Have you ever seen this thing up close? Terrifying!

  3. My theory on what this is: They may have been created by ancient aliens when time of the first humans or even before that. The goal was to create a shape shifter or in this case a human with advanced abilities to shape shift into a half k-nine beast. They lived along side with normal humans for centuries and we're considered to be a different race or gods. Now today we call them dogman because we don't really know if they are shape shifters or not? Although you have to remember why are these creatures so bold, illusive. Not to mention the strange nice neighbor that locks themself at night with bars on the windows or the missing people? With those questions in mind these werewolves could be living in our society today especially if there's more and more dogman sightings. The last crazy theory or in this case it's more of a prophecy. As many extraterrestrial theorists say that in the future the human race will be replaced by a more advanced beings and a scary thought is that these people who can transform into a Wolf beast will be the next contender for ruling the world.