Sunday, February 26, 2017

Back-Trail Dogman

I have hundred of hours of video footage. I have embarked on a project to review it in the next year. While reviewing Back-Trail camera footage from 2011 I found this possible Dogman watching me.



  1. At one point, I can see two pointed black ears something like what a German Sheppard might have, also seen its snout with a black nose that has white hair under where the whiskers are located on most canines. I do not know its size and or how high it is off of the ground, but its a definite canine for sure! Great catch!

  2. I have heard eyewitness reports of Dogmen that have huge heads some have said 3 feet wide. Do you have any sense of the size of the heads of the dogmen you have in your videos?

  3. It looks like a horse. We want actual PROOF? It's funny how no one has legit pictures or videos?

    1. doubts only funnier is constant demands of all manner of evidence from folks that offer none up for the efforts,.let alone make any efforts to actually TRY to provide...well...somethng other then even more useless hubris and/or uniformed/biased and worse yet uneducated commentaries: )
      Not trying to be an ----here but just had it with anyone seeminly only offering biased,.uneducated or ill informed opinions(instead of anything constructive,.positive or nothing at all ifn they cannot toss somethng out,.you know. Just classless to the " T" and all.).

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